Crawfordsville Academy of Dance has been developing dancers since 1998. We believe dance is a delicate art form in which the body is the tool expressing human experience. It is the most sensitive of the art forms because it exists in “you,” the individual. Dance is not a competitive sport.

Behind the effortless appearance lies hours of struggle, concentration, practice, and determination. Only from this may the craft of communicating through the body develop.

At Crawfordsville Academy of Dance we believe there is only one method for teaching dance. Constant repetition enables the muscles and mind to be trained simultaneously. Though not all students become professional dancers, one can achieve correct insight into the disciplined science and art of dance. The self-discipline gained will be carried into many aspects and achievements of one’s life.

The ideal dancer beholds interpretive skills that reveal the human soul and a generous spirit. After all, doesn’t it all begin in the mind.