Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for October is in her third season of dance at the studio. 

Ruby is a focused and hard–working dancer. She approaches each and every ballet class with a positive attitude, smile on her face, and a thirst to learn. 

Some of her strengths in ballet that she began working on last season and is continuing this season are beautiful port de bras with attention on quality of movement. She strives to work all the graceful aspects of her upper body even when her feet are moving quickly. This effort and achievement is hard to master and is a skill she will carry with her throughout her ballet studies. Also, she can answer each and every vocabulary question without hesitation. As if that is not enough, she can also demonstrate each movement as well. 

Ruby pays close attention to every compliment and correction she receives in class. She is improving so much upon returning just a month ago. Not only does she excel at all of this, but she is a very good role model to her fellow students. Ruby is always ready to help a dancer if she has a question or struggle. 

Thank you, Ruby for your commitment and achievement in ballet every single week!


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