Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for December is in her fifth season of dance. Hard-working Hannah is enrolled in ballet, tap, and modern this year. She is balancing strong work ethics in technique while polishing her quality of movement.  

By applying the artistic elements all the disciplines require, she is making great strides in her overall dance studies. In ballet class she is paying close attention to port de bras and using it to enhance movement. Also, her petite allegro is quicker and tighter because of her focusing in on closing the positions in fifth and utilizing ballon.  

In tap she is gaining speed while fine-tuning her skills. This applies a the barre and center floor.  Modern is a new technique for Hannah this season, and a little bird told Ms. C that it is her favorite discipline. She is incorporating the natural falls, swings, and contractions that every modern technique beholds. However, she is also working to perfect the inhales and exhales of this style of dance. Her traveling contractions and triplets are strong and performed with a little extra precision.  

Thank you, Hannah, for working so very hard in each and every class. Your teachers are very proud of your accomplishments. You should be too!   


Published by Kim

I love to capture God's creativity through my lens - whether through the face of a child, the look a couple in love shares, or through a hike in nature.

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