Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for January is in her third season of dance. Emma is working diligently in each of her disciplines. 

In ballet she is balancing perfecting her technique while moving through her space with the most beautiful port de bras. She continues to improve her flexibility both in her legs and back by focusing on pushing just a little more each time she stretches. Throughout her ballet classes she maintains body placement while advancing in petite allegro and pirouettes. So much is progressing in class, but she does not lose sight of all the mechanics she knows and corrections she has learned. 

In tap she is improving with clean sounds projected from her shoes with proper technique as well. When combos speed up she pays close attention and is always thinking ahead for the next step. 

In modern her contractions are improving as she performs them just like taking a breath. She has tremendous elevation in modern degages and jetes across the floor. 

Emma auditioned and became a junior dance company member this year. She is excelling in all the variety of styles she will be performing. What a performer she is too!

Thank you, Emma, for working so hard and paying such close attention in all your classes. 


Published by Kim

I love to capture God's creativity through my lens - whether through the face of a child, the look a couple in love shares, or through a hike in nature.

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