Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for April is dancing in her third year at the studio. Currently enrolled in ballet, tap, and modern, Abby Hill is working hard and improving in each discipline.  

In ballet she is fine-tuning her technique at the barre and bringing that focus center floor as well. Abby has been really utilizing her rotation through, tendues, developes, and sautes. She is seeing the progress pay off in a big way because her feet, extension, and ability to get off the floor in jumps have really improved. Abby is a well-rounded dancer balancing technique and quality of movement whether she is performing an adagio or petite allegro.  

In tap she is working hard to tighten up the percussive sounds by utilizing proper technique. Her performance in the tap piece for show time is very entertaining. 

In modern Abby is fine tuning the intricate details and quality of movement of this discipline. From jumping to floor work, she is mastering it all. She is a shining and versatile performer in Junior Dance Company. Her claim to fame is her ability to soar in the air and land in the Dance Company members’ arms. 

Abby, thank you for all you contribute to the dance studio! 


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