Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for May has been pushing herself very hard this dance season. Miracle is in her third year of ballet and her first year of tap. She continues to improve in her ballet technique by fully utilizing her rotation while maintaining placement. Miracle has made tremendous strides working her port de bras and focusing on keeping her arms on her back. The line of her foot has increased while completely extending the working leg to present a completely stretched tendue—she has revealed that she has some lovely feet. Her performance as an Acorn in the ballet is very theatrical and spot on. In tap she is mastering terminology and perfecting steps like shuffle to flap. The more difficult steps are Irishes, Grapevines, and Buck Time Steps. She does all of this with a smile on her face… except when she is not allowed to smile like the beginning of her tap piece for the show. Her hard work has paid off and all will see in her performances on stage. Thank you, Miracle, for being a great example to follow.


Published by Kim

I love to capture God's creativity through my lens - whether through the face of a child, the look a couple in love shares, or through a hike in nature.

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